After-sales service

Repair and maintenance of computer equipment

EPOS is a recognized leader in the field of repair and maintenance of computer equipment in Ukraine. Due to high professionalism, many years of experience, unique technological equipment and specialized workplaces, the company’s service centers are able to perform work of any level of complexity.

All works in service centers for repair and maintenance of equipment are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the quality system of ISO-9001 standard.

EPOS service centers perform the following types of work:


  • PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and their components;
  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power supplies;
  • office equipment and peripheral equipment;
  • specialized medical and industrial IT equipment;

Modernization (upgrade) of all types of computers, laptops and servers, as well as individual nodes and blocks by replacing them with more modern ones, taking into account the residual value of outdated equipment

IT outsourcing:

  • Organization of reliable and secure communication between several offices (VPN networks), office and remote employees, configuration and maintenance of active network equipment.
  • Connecting users to the network, configuring network and Internet access.
  • Increasing the level of information security.
  • Detection and removal of malicious programs, antivirus protection.
  • OS installation and configuration, both on new PCs and reinstallation.
  • Installation and configuration of office and specialized programs.
  • Monitoring and prevention: state of the hardware component, prevention of its possible failures, state of the OS and troubleshooting, prevention of its possible failures.
  • Setting up computer peripherals (printers, scanners, MFP).
  • IT consultations, recommendations on arrangement, modernization and optimization of the IT architecture of the enterprise, purchase of equipment.
  • Updating and replacing computer components, increasing the efficiency.

Utilization of equipment and information

Sale of components

EPOS company has the status of an authorized service center of the following companies: AOS, Fujitsu, Prestigio, Cube, GoClever, PowerWalker, teXet, ASTRO, Tenda, SolarX.

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Authorized Bosch service center

EPOS company represents one of three service centers in Ukraine, which are authorized by Robert Bosch GmbH to repair power tools under warranty.

The EPOS service center for the repair of Bosch power tools has more than 25 years of experience, a technical base and unique highly qualified specialists.

An authorized Bosch service center provides the following types of services:

Repair of power tools:

  • Warranty.
  • Post-warranty.
  • Prevention, maintenance.

Sale of tools and spare parts:

  • A large assortment of tools, measuring devices, spare parts and consumables.

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