Our developments

One of the main advantages of EPOS is the presence of a research and development department. The activities of this unit are devoted to the study of methods of storing information on digital media, as well as the development of specialized hardware and software solutions for the recovery and destruction of information, diagnostics of storage media. EPOS engineers have developed a number of devices that are successfully used by Data Recovery companies all over the world.

Models in production

EPOS emulator HDD for industrial equipment

EPOS emulator HDD is designed to replace outdated and defective hard disk drives in industrial equipment. EPOS HDD emulator implements unique technical solutions that allow you to replace the drive passport, correct errors in the drive-computer exchange protocol, provide protection against writing directly to the drive.

Hardware emulator Floppy disk drive EPOS emulator FDD

EPOS emulator FDD provides easy migration of systems that require the use of 3.5″ (5.25″) floppy disks to modern USB Flash drives. EPOS emulator FDD works absolutely transparently for the system, supporting work with any hardware and OS.
EPOS BadDrive Adapter USB

Specialized EPOS BadDrive Adapter USB record blocker

Specialized hardware write blocker for forensic erasure and recovery of information on USB drives with defective sectors (without opening the case). EPOS BadDrive Adapter USB ensures the operation of the OS and application programs with a damaged drive in the same way as with a healthy one – without error messages and freezes.

EPOS DiskMaster USB

Multifunctional device EPOS DiskMaster USB

Autonomous multifunctional device EPOS DiskMaster USB is designed to copy data, destroy (erase) information, diagnose hard drives with USB and SATA interfaces.

The device provides data extraction from USB-drives with defective and unstable readable sectors, as well as USB-HDD with damaged magnetic surface.

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EPOS eFlash

Flash drive with guaranteed data destruction EPOS eFlash

Specialized USB Flash drive EPOS eFlash – is designed to store and transfer confidential information with the possibility of guaranteed destruction of stored data. The destruction of information on the drive is performed in hardware using the built-in controller, which allows you to quickly delete information in all cells of the Flash memory chip, including hidden and system areas that cannot be accessed through the standard interface.

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EPOS FlashExtractor

Data recovery complex from EPOS Flash drives FlashExtractor

EPOS FlashExtractor hardware and software complex is an effective professional solution for data recovery from faulty drives (USB Flash, memory cards, SSD drives) based on NAND flash memory. The complex allows you to capture data in all cases related to the impossibility of accessing data through the external interface of the Flash drive (physical breakdowns of drive controllers, password protection, etc.).

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Service of information recovery from Flash-drives via the Internet EPOS iRecovery

EPOS offers to use the unique online service EPOS iRecovery. To recover data, you need to transfer a file with the contents of Flash memory (dump) via the Internet, and then download the recovered information via the Internet. Users of this service are provided with the EPOS FlashExtractor data extraction complex to read the memory contents from physically faulty flash drives.

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EPOS DiskMaster Portable

Multifunctional device EPOS DiskMaster Portable

EPOS DiskMaster Portable is designed to destroy (erase) information. as well as for diagnostics and repair of hard magnetic drives.

EPOS DiskMaster Portable is designed for:

  • To ensure data erasure while maintaining the operability of the hard drive to prevent information leakage.
  • For information recovery and investigation of IT incidents (computer forensics). Provides data capture from hard drives (write-protected), including protected area and damaged sectors.
  • For maintenance of computer equipment. Performs cloning of hard drives when assembling and upgrading PCs, as well as allows you to perform diagnostic, repair and maintenance work with hard drives.

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EPOS ATA Analyzer

EPOS protocol analyzer ATA Analyzer

EPOS ATA Analyzer is a universal tool for analyzing ATA interface protocols, designed to record and display commands and data transmitted between any devices with Parallel ATA or Serial ATA interfaces. The device is a special adapter connected to the gap between the system under study and the drive. Commands that are logged and data are transferred to a separate PC for storage, analysis and display.

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EPOS WriteProtector

Hardware record blocker EPOS WriteProtector

The EPOS WriteProtector hardware blocker is designed to prevent accidental or intentional changes to HDD data during the investigation of computer incidents and crimes (computer forensics). Thanks to this, legally significant results are achieved when conducting research and analyzing information on HDD.

EPOS WriteProtector blocker works completely transparently for PC and software. Thus, an expert can use any platform (DOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix…) and a set of expert software (EnCase, X-Ways Forensics, The Sleuth Kit…) that he needs in the process of investigation.

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EPOS BadDrive Adapter

Blocker with data recovery function EPOS BadDrive Adapter

EPOS BadDrive Adapter is a specialized write blocker designed for use in the process of data recovery on hard drives with defective and unstable sectors. Using the device eliminates the need to create intermediate copies of damaged HDDs, which reduces data recovery time.

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Information destruction device Avalanche

Device Lavina is designed to guarantee the destruction of data on magnetic media at the end of their service life in order to ensure the security of storage and prevent information leakage. Lavina uses a physical method of data destruction, which is based on the impact on the drive of a powerful electromagnetic pulse. As a result, all magnetic domains of the carrier are uniformly magnetized to the saturation state. This leads to the disappearance of magnetic transitions, which encode the information recorded on the media. Thus, the complete destruction of the original magnetic structure of the medium leads to the guaranteed destruction of all data that has ever been stored on it.

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Chain mail

Kolchuga information safe

Information safe Kolchuga is designed to destroy data on hard drives in cases where there is a threat of physical removal of the drive / computer, to prevent information leakage.

Chainmail provides continuous protection of information on a running hard drive. If necessary, for example, if there is a threat of an intruder gaining physical access to the server/drive, the device guarantees emergency destruction of all information on the protected HDD without the possibility of its further recovery.

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Diagnostic cards EPOS PCI TestCard

EPOS PCI TestCard diagnostic boards are designed to diagnose and repair motherboards of personal computers with PCI expansion bus. The main function of the boards is to fix and display POST codes on the built-in indicator of the board, which are automatically generated by the POST initialization procedure in the process of checking the status of all computer subsystems when the power is turned on or the RESET button is pressed. EPOS PCI TestCard diagnostic boards have a number of additional features to search for damaged motherboard elements.

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Technologies of rearrangement of heads and packages of hard disk drives
Sometimes there are various reasons that greatly complicate the data recovery process. These reasons include:
  • a jammed engine;
  • bent spindle;
  • breakage in the motor winding.
Unique EPOS developments in head and platter package rearrangement provide the maximum possibility of data recovery from HDDs with problems inside the sealed chamber.

EPOS Border

Automated workstation (AWS) EPOS Border is intended for use in complex information protection systems (CIPS) of information telecommunication systems, as access gateways in the interaction of physically separated information systems, which process information of different levels of confidentiality (for example, the public Internet and corporate network), as well as for the creation of specialized multifunctional workstations with separated information processing.

EPOS Border-A

Mail gateway EPOS Mezha-A

Unidirectional mail gateway EPOS Mezha-A is designed to prevent information leakage during automatic reception (transmission) of mail messages between physically separated networks (for example, Internet – corporate network). When transmitting messages, automatic control of the implementation of the established security policy rules is carried out.

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Computer Expert with information protection

Expert computers with information protection manufactured by EPOS are included in the List of general-purpose equipment of the SSU CSTCIP and are intended for processing restricted information. The protection of information from its unauthorized removal by side electromagnetic radiation, power supply and grounding circuits (including through the RF linking channel) is provided.

Computer-monoblock Expert-M with information protection

Expert-M monoblock is a personal computer with information protection. It is made in a special case and is designed to process information with restricted access, including information that constitutes a state secret in automated systems (AS) of class “1” and AS of class “2”.

Local networks with information protection

EPOS offers a way to build a secure local network for processing confidential information based on a modular principle. The basis for the construction of such a local network is a special module developed by EPOS – a technical complex for processing confidential information (EPOS-TC). Special remote operator consoles and special optoelectronic converters EPOS OKO-S and EPOS OKO-P are also used.


EPOS-TC is a technical complex for processing confidential information. The complex is designed as a special autonomous module, which is a segment of a secure local area network. The data processed in it is protected from leakage of technical channels in accordance with the requirements of ND TZI. The complex is designed to create automated systems of class 2, where information with restricted access of the second or third category is processed.


The remote console is designed for remote control of servers or computers installed in a shielded cabinet.
The keyboard, mouse and monitor are made in a special design that provides a low level of side radiation. Fiber optic lines are used to connect the console to the equipment installed in the shielded cabinet. All connections in the cabinet are made with ordinary copper cables.